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Private Medical Practice

MD Zofia Niedzwiedz- Skotnicka

about me:

In 1998 I passed the specialization exam in Neurology, and in 2003 I became a specialist in Rehabilitation Medicine.

I have participated in a number of medical conferences, medical courses, and individual internships in Göttingen, Vienna, Geneva.

I actively deal with the treatment of patients who sufferered from a stroke, traumatic brain injury, post-operative neurosurgical and with chronic diseases, such as back pain and headache, polyneuropathy, extrapyramidal disease (eg, Parkinson's disease), abnormal impairing the efficiency of the musculoskeletal system.

In the neurological rehabilitation hospital ward I treat patients requiring comprehensive rehabilitation with severe damage to the central nervous system.

Since 1998 I have been running a private practice addressed to patients with neurological and musculoskeletal disorders caused by orthopedic, rheumatological problems (medical rehabilitation).

Currently I am very interested in modern methods of physiotherapy: brain electrostimulation (tDCS), brain magnetic stimulation (TMS), re-education method using neural feedback. In my work I am guided by the principle of comprehensive rehabilitation treatment, preceded by a thorough medical diagnosis.

Office open:
Wednesdays and Fridays - 15.30- 19.00
Wroclaw, street Inowrocławska 21a  (Duo-Med)
Telephone registration- 71 355 00 71 

E-mail: zofia.niedzwiedz@gmail.com


Physiotherapy and Manual Therapy Practice

Sławomir Adamowicz – gained MA in Physiotherapy at Wroclaw Physical Education Academy (AWF), working for a doctorate, a qualified therapist of Fascial Distortion Model, Master of Chiropractic with several years of experience gained in clinical work and on many courses.

Welcome. My name is Slawomir Adamowicz. I specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of pain in the spine and peripheral joints. The pain is the result of structural and functional changes produced in the tissues of the body. Unless structural changes are irreversible,  funcional ones are the acquired disorders of tissue that can be removed by applying targeted therapeutic techniques restoring balance and improving functioning of particular areas of the body. My job is to restore the harmony of the system of human body, relieve or take away the pain and coexisting disorders, help in the recovery of physical fitness.

What is manual therapy and what cases is it used for?

This is a method of treatment wherein the therapist using their hands delivers treatment - manipulation, mobilization, oscillation, mobilization of influencing the final push on the body, and gives the balance to the osteoarticular and myofascial system. Thus it eliminates pain and restores normal function of the motion segment, tissue structure and / or the system.

You can use manual therapy in the following cases:

  • migraine,
  • dysfunction of the temporomandibular joints,
  • pain, numbness, paresthesia craniofacial,
  • tennis/golfer elbow,
  • pain in the area of ​​the cervical spine - the radiation to the limb with impaired sensory, and / or tingling (sciatica arm)
  • pain in the wrist, hand, 
  • pain in the area of ​​the thoracic spine, cervical-thoracic transition, thoracolumbar,
  • intercostal neuralgia (pain with radiation along the ribs),
  • pain in the sternum,
  • pain in the lumbar spine - the radiation to the limb with impaired sensory, and / or tingling (sciatica),
  • various types of knee pain (overload, traumatic),
  • pain in the ankle, 
  • injuries in sports (overdoing), etc.

Link to website:  www.fizjoadamowicz.pl
Contact: E-mail: info@fizjoadamowicz.pl Tel.: 79 117 16 67


Psychologist Malwina Szczygłowska

I’m a psychologist with a specialistion in clinical psychology. As well I’m the member of The Polish Psychiatric Assosiation. I completed postgraduate studies “Clinical diagnosis and Psychoteraphy”. Currently I’m attending on 4-year  studies at “Mental Health Care and Psychoteraphy Development Foundation” in Wrocław. I regulary enrich my psychological and psychiatric knowledge by participating in national and international scholarships and conferences.  At the moment I’m taking a PhD degree, by writing a thesis about the history of psychiatry. I’ve written numerous scholar articles that mainly concern mental health care and psychology as a subject area.