Metamorphoses TV

NowaOna project was created for the brave women who want to change their external image, but also your inner attitude. The first edition of the program was launched in May 2013. and start casting, which will select a woman determined to change yourself.

The manufacturer of the Sudeten TV and Polish Creation Centre.

Participant will be subject to change your appearance - to this end invited to attend the best dental professionals, plastic surgery, cosmetology, hairdressing. NowaOna also internal changes, self-confidence, overcome barriers - to do this you will need to train and talk to an experienced personal trainer.
The effect of metamorphosis will NowaOna - beautiful, well-groomed and confident woman.

NowaOna - selected participant metamorphosis  

 Ended up meeting with the candidates for the NowaOna implemented by Polish Sudenten TV and Creation Centre. Unanimously elected to the overall metamorphosis was Joanna Brzostek, 50-year-old, born in Wroclaw. Effect NowaOna we know for three months. More photos of the meetings of the candidates can be found here: www.facebook.com/pckreacja

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