The Wroclaw Days of Implantology - WDI

is the meeting which aim is to create a platform of cooperation and exchange of knowledge beyond the sections. WDI is dedicated to dentists, technicians, and companies as well as associations promoting the knowledge, equipment and dental materials on the national and international level. Still more often we meet in our offices with the more multidisciplinary conditions of our patients. That is why one of the main objects of WDI is a promotion of the most up-to-date state of knowledge based on the width clinical experience of the invited lecturers.  Invited companies are the quintessence of thoroughness and quality of being promoted products.

In this way the new platform of mutual cognition, establishing new contacts and spreading the knowledge in the theoretical and as well as practical aspect is created. We try the provide the meeting in order to provide the possibility to meet the bests in every aspects.  Although we put high afford on clinical affords WDI highlights the scientifically dimension. This element is highly important to contemporize provided knowledge. That is why we put up on the highly-qualified didactic materials in the aspects of reprints as well as albums-books in the mentioned subjects.

To increase discovery valors, reach for new and undiscovered in spite of difficulties we invite guests who due to charisma, enthusiasm and power  show us their challenges. T h o s e  m o m e n t s              s h o u l d  b e  “ t h e  w I n d o w  o n  t h e  w o r l d ”  a n d  s t r o n g  n e e d s  o f  c o n q u e r i n g  i n   e v e r y  d i s c i p l i n e  o f  l i f e 

During the conference were published three books on implant therapy, one in Polish and two in English. They include the latest developments in implant treatment, both in the collaborative treatment , as well as highlight the critical aesthetics in implant rehabilitation. Co-authors of books are valuable teachers in the country and abroad. Books are available in both the Dental Clinic Duo-Med, as well as a websitewww.wdi.wroclaw.pl. If you are interested look forward to hearing from you.


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